5 Best Practices for Optimizing Your CPG Site

Consumers shopping for packaged goods now have more ways than ever to browse, research, and share what they buy, using digital technologies and online communities.

They’re shopping directly from their mobile devices and using social media as a tool to both inform and facilitate purchase decisions.

This connection presents the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry with an opportunity to become a memorable part of the customer journey. Leveraging the use of mobile devices and social media allows for seamless integration of a multi-channel shopping experience into the lives of customers. This allows customers not only to complete purchases successfully, but to establish themselves as loyal customers by staying connected and sharing through social media.

The following are 5 ways to optimize your CPG site—making your brand a consistent, seamless, and shareable part of the customer journey.

1. Make your brand part of the community. Run crowdsourced promotions by asking your customers to share their experiences using your product through videos, photos, or reviews. Build trust and assist visitors in making an informed purchase by featuring these reviews on your site.

2. Reward engagement and loyalty. With every share, tweet, or post, utilize advanced segmentation to send your customers a coupon. Measure each promotion’s effectiveness and iterate quickly.

3. Provide convenience, choice, and value. Consider partnering with delivery ecommerce services like AmazonFresh, GoogleShopping Express, or Instacart. These services are delivering CPG products to millions of people within an hour of their order. Test featured offers and optimize for consumer engagement.

4. Make your product more accessible. Consider enabling your mobile site to function as a store locator. Dynamically display the store location closest to your customer that carries your products.

5. Support your customers and gain insights. Send personalized offers while customers are shopping in-store. Consider a beacon pilot project to measure the effectiveness of your messaging, potential ROI, and to gain insight into who’s visiting your store and how often.

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