5 Best Practices for Optimizing Your Education Website

Education brands are striving to win over targeted students and admit them to their institutions. It takes a lot of hard work and focus for an academic brand to stand out among the many options.

Consider how much hard work and focus is required of the student who is looking for your institution. Potential customers invest extensive time, research, and consideration into decisions surrounding education. Brands who wish to win them over must keep that calculated process in mind when targeting this market.

Students have very unique preferences and needs, and the journey must reflect that by offering customized experiences across platforms.

Keep the process easy to follow by maintaining a consistent experience throughout the customer journey. Compelling copy, clear requirements, and the ability to contact the institution for more information at any point during the journey are all crucial to maintaining a positive experience, and ultimately, convincing students to make an in-person visit.

Here are 5 ways that marketers can optimize education websites to drive customers to their institution.

1. Build user journey continuity. Collect more information and periodically encourage students to schedule a tour.

2. Unleash valuable information. Test navigation elements to help students get information about courses, student associations, and career information.

3. Create an efficient application processes. Remove submission barriers by testing shorter applications that can be submitted quickly and followed up on at a later time.

4. Increase stickiness and transparency. Test checklists for the application process. Display financial information or financial calculators early in the journey.

5. Optimize for mobility. Think of your mobile experience as a recruitment tool. Present job placement rates, extracurricular opportunities, and financial support mechanisms. Use mobile videos to explain the items listed above. Simplified content has proven most effective in driving engagement.

Students are looking for a convenient and cohesive experience with the academic institutions they research online. They will engage with the ones that consistently connect with their unique needs. Providing all information in a format that is customized for unique user journeys will give students just that.

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