5 Tools to Simplify Online Marketing in 2015

Promoting your business online can be an overwhelming endeavor. The time and expertise required is often out-of-reach for companies that are just starting to build their online presence. From social media marketing to website optimization, these tasks can pile up quickly.

Luckily, the Internet is chock full of tools that simplify these tasks, and give you the knowledge and support that make it simple to take control and manage your website and your brand.

The following tools are easy to implement immediately, and start improving your online business, today.

Pay With a Tweet

Allow new customers to use your products, simply by sharing it through social networks. Pay With a Tweet increases your social media reach and creates brand ambassadors by asking for social media shares, rather than payment.

  • All major social networks can be utilized as payment

  • Sharing buttons are customizable to reflect your brand

  • View traffic details, clicks, sales, and geographic data through your campaign

  • Free version available for up to two campaigns

  • Premium version is $29.99/3 months, which supports up to 25 campaigns.



A live chat platform gives website visitors a personalized approach to sales and customer service. It’s an effective way to address questions and problems, and keep them on your site before they click away.  

  • Quickly understand your customer’s needs and concerns.

  • Customize responses based on user behavior.

  • View who is on your site, and where they’re located.

  • Try the 14-day, free trial period or pay $15 a month for all core features and one operator.



An automated campaign execution and analysis gives you the power to engage your audience through digital marketing.

  • A variety of products provide expertise and guidance to the digital marketer.

  • Campaign and email management implement real-time information that can be utilized to increase your return on investment.

  • Keep your team organized with calendars and budgeting tools that facilitate collaboration.

  • Prices vary for each tool.


Sprout Social

This social media management tool brings your many social platforms together in one place. Scheduling content and engaging with your audience is streamlined and simple with this collaborative approach to social media marketing.

  • Provide team members with the information and the tools they need to manage a variety of social media accounts.

  • View analytics for specific posts and improve engagement with valuable insights on your audience and their behavior.

  • Plans include a 30-day free trial, pricing starts at $59/month.



Improve your customer experience with simple implementation of A/B testing to optimize your website. Kaizen saves you time and money with tools that give you customized improvement.

  • A network of expert optimizers help continually make improvements.

  • Simple A/B testing provides data that can be used for innovative problem solving.

  • An algorithmic recommendation engine takes the guesswork out of growth.

  • More than 600 companies have utilized Kaizen with an average improvement rate of 50 percent or more.


These are just some of the many tools available to improve and simplify your online business. Free trials are a great way to determine which ones are right for you. Once you determine which one(s) meet your specific needs, you’ll be able to start improving your online business immediately.

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