Feature Friday: Consult With Kaizen at The Live Event

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Learn how to create cohesive experience
from mobile display media creative (awareness) to actionable mobile
landing pages (conversion).

Vera Polyakova, Optimization Evangelist at Kaizen Platform will be participating in the 30-minute 1-to-1 Conversion Critiques at The Live Event, April 29 – May 1.

A little bit about Vera

As an Optimization Evangelist at Kaizen Platform, Inc., Vera utilizes
the delicate combination of her skills and background in psychology,
user experience, user journey mapping, usability testing, leadership,
and process improvement, to devise optimization testing strategies that
improve customer experiences and grow revenue.

Her passion is to help clients create chemistry between their digital
experiences and their customers’ needs and wants. Vera enjoys aligning
teams and breaking down process barriers to achieve higher conversions
and customer engagement.

There is no additional cost for this, it’s included in your TLE ticket. If you’re interested in in this you can schedule your session by clicking HERE and following their instructions.

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