Google’s New Mobile Page-Ranking Algorithm: Opt for Act versus React

Many of us digital marketers are probably feeling a bit panicked after last week’s announcement that Google is changing up its search algorithm for ranking mobile sites. With an estimated impact to more than 40% of Fortune 500 sites, this may be a big deal for some organizations. It could also be a chance for sites not previously ranked very high to make their mark if they’re highly optimized for mobile.

Google’s new approach to page ranking for mobile sites, which is already in the process of being rolled out, puts emphasis on a website’s “mobile-friendliness.” Web pages that aren’t easily consumed on a smartphone—think small screens; the algorithm doesn’t apply to tablet devices—may start seeing lower rank results.

Take stock; take action

You can find out quickly how mobile-friendly your site is, and there’s some great documentation out there about how to build a solid mobile website. Prioritizing what needs to be addressed to clear Google’s new page-ranking algorithm can be overwhelming though, especially if you’re in reaction mode. Switch to action mode and let Kaizen Platform help you use this change to your advantage.

At Kaizen, we have already been working with clients to optimize their mobile sites. In one instance, Kaizen’s team of professional optimizers improved usability of a mobile site for a major dating service enough to boost subscriptions by 17 percent.

Kaizen has the creative and development resources available to help you get your mobile site rankings on track. We can help with strategy, approach, and prioritization. Once your page rankings are where you want them, Kaizen can take your site to the next level and help you enhance your mobile user experience, and maximize conversions.

Don’t let Google’s new algorithm leave you caught off guard; act now and contact Kaizen for a plan of action!

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