Introducing the Google Mobile Friendliness Grader

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”  -Alan Watts

Today we are proud to announce the launch of our new product—the Google Mobile Friendliness Grader. The Grader delivers a personalized, detailed report of a site’s mobile usability based on Google’s mobile design principles. Continuous improvement is a part of our company’s DNA, we are excited to bring the Kaizen method to the changing mobile landscape.

Released in April 2015, Google’s Principles of Mobile Site Design: Delight Users and Drive Conversions, establishes 25 principles that lay the foundation for the next frontier in digital experiences. Now a critical component of Google’s mobile search algorithm, these principles are intended to encourage a mobile experience.

Optimizing your site for mobile is an important step towards increasing a site’s mobile SEO ranking, but also for increasing conversions. A Google study found that 67% of customers are more likely to convert on a mobile optimized site, and 48% feel like a company doesn’t care about their business if their site is not optimized. Google’s key finding is that,

“…Mobile users tend to be very goal-oriented—they expect to be able to get what they need from a mobile site easily, immediately, and on their own terms. Ensure success by designing with their context and needs in mind without sacrificing richness of content.”

Kaizen’s Google Mobile Friendliness Grader is comprised of robust automated testing technology and analysis provided by our Optimization Evangelist Team — a team of experts that nerd out over mobile experiences. They deliver the necessary feedback to create a seamless mobile experience inline with Google’s mobile design principles.

The detailed report will offer insights into:

  • User Experience
  • Navigation
  • Forms
  • Cross-device functionality
  • Design
  • Responsiveness
  • Calls-to-action
  • Performance

Ready to see how your site is stacks up? Get the full report within two business days.

Google Mobile Friendliness Grader

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