News by Numbers: Optimizing the Mobile Experience to Win Customers

With Google and Bing announcing major updates to their mobile algorithms that impact search rankings, optimizing your website for a mobile experience is no longer just a good idea. It’s a requirement.

The good news for marketers is that mobile offers increased insight on preferences and behaviors that must be considered when optimizing a mobile website for the customer journey. We have more data than ever about how our customers are using content and what they’re looking for.

Take a look at some numbers that illustrate the importance of the mobile customer journey, and gain insight on how you can best optimize experiences for your target audience, turning casual browsers into loyal customers.

2.57. The number of dollars returned for every dollar spent on mobile ads, as determined by recent benchmarks derived from 83 mobile campaigns by Catalina. These results demonstrate a 15% greater impact on sales, compared to desktop ad campaigns. Display ads targeted specifically to your audience will give you the power to establish your brand and encourage the right people to interact with it.

160. Percent improvement that can be gained when applying mobile best practices. The Mobile Marketing Association recently released a series of studies that present data in favor of larger mobile marketing budgets, along with best practices for improving mobile ad performance. This series of studies concluded that marketers are severely undervaluing the importance of mobile marketing. Using specific case study findings, it suggests that, “reallocating to mobile would drive incremental impact for each campaign, making their existing budget work harder.”

5. The order of magnitude more likely consumers are to abandon a task if a website is not optimized for mobile. Mobile optimization ensures that whenever and wherever your customers find you, they can easily access the information they’re looking for, and complete each step in the user journey. Failure to capture customers on mobile opens the door for other brands to step in. Once you have a mobile-optimized website, you can begin to make refinements to further improve the customer experience.

43. Percentage of consumers who want brands to share information with them that is valuable and applicable to their lifestyle. Brands that can identify the type of information their audience desires, and deliver on that information through mobile devices, will retain loyal brand advocates. Consider the various target audiences that your brand wishes to reach, and how the content they’re looking for on mobile may differ. If you can provide the customized information they’re seeking on mobile devices, you’ll be one step closer to closing the sale.

2.2. Number of dollars in trillions spent on retail, thanks to the impact of mobile interactions. This translates to 64 cents on every dollar. A study done by Deloitte Digital concluded that consumers who use social media while shopping are five times more likely to spend. This reaffirms the necessity for brands to establish a consistent presence across platforms and engage with their potential customers throughout the customer journey.

Mobile devices are ingrained in our daily lives. The ability to capture the attention of potential customers through the palm of their hands is an exciting prospect for marketers. With the right insight and dedication to optimizing the customer experience, marketers can use mobile to further establish their brands and increase sales.

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