Optimizer Interview: Alessandra Santos

Optimizers are the magicians that apply data analytics, user insight, and creativity to build experiences that boost website performance. These talented individuals are at the core of Kaizen Platform’s successful model for optimization and are responsible for the transformations that delight users. We recently talked with one Optimizer, Alessandra Santos, to see how she got involved in website optimization and to learn a little more about how working with Kaizen Platform has opened up new opportunities to grow.


Optimizer Interview

Name: Alessandra Santos

From: Porto Alegre, Brasil

Optimizer since: December 2015

Kaizen Platform: Hi Alessandra, thank you for taking the time to talk with us. Can you tell us a little bit about your background? 

Alessandra Santos: Of course! I’ve been working in web design for about 8 years. I went to university for communications, advertising, and publicity. I liked the creative side of that, so I started taking classes at another institution in web design, Photoshop, and then eventually front-end development.

I had an interest in building websites at an early age. In high school, my father was always into the Internet. He and I were really excited when Google came about. At that time I started building websites with Microsoft FrontPage just for fun.

After college, I moved down to the city of Porto Alegre. People think all of Brazil is very warm, but there’s winter down here! I worked for Dell on an international team for two and a half years. It was a great experience and it really allowed me to improve my English skills. I was on the UI team for dell.com. We had colleagues from Texas all the way to India. We had a big office and it was cool to see how you can overcome the challenges of working with an international team.

Now my full-time job is working for a small web design agency that builds eCommerce websites.

Optimizer Interview

Porto Alegre, Brasil

Kaizen Platform: Why did you choose to work with Kaizen Platform?

Alessandra Santos: I was interested in working more with A/B testing. I like how when you test a design the results really show the value of a good design to the client. I also like the diversity of the projects. It’s interesting to see how clients are changing their websites and how they evolve their strategy with each new result.

Kaizen Platform: As an Optimizer with a full-time job, how does working with Kaizen fit into your schedule? How many variations do you typically work on in a month?

Alessandra Santos: I work on about 2-3 variations a month. I make my own schedule. It’s nice to have a side income and I can really have flexibility in my schedule. It’s easy to talk to the Customer Success team when I have a question. At the beginning I had some doubts, but now I’m familiar with the process and it works smoothly.

Kaizen Platform: Glad to hear it! What are some of the common challenges you help clients with?

Alessandra Santos: A lot are product pages. However, I recently redesigned a whole homepage. Whenever I look at a design I like to organize it, and then I can think about their ideas and features. And then I try something different.

Kaizen Platform: What’s a common mistake you see people make on their website?

Alessandra Santos: Often a website will be disorganized. Alignment of the information and the user goals are very important. Sometimes people don’t consider that enough. I know as a designer I see it more than other people might.

Kaizen Platform: Are there certain types of optimization challenges that you prefer?

Alessandra Santos: I guess I find it interesting when someone wants to radically redesign a homepage. It’s a very important page and requires a lot of thought and effort. You need to ask how they measure results so you know what to focus on. With Kaizen Platform it’s also interesting to see what other Optimizers do.

Kaizen Platform: Are there any major trends you see emerging in web design?

Alessandra Santos: Everybody is trying to move to mobile. It’s not huge in Brazil yet. Here there are fewer websites with a responsive design.

Kaizen Platform: Do you prefer working with mobile or desktop web design? 

Alessandra Santos: Well mobile is new and exciting. And I think mobile is a challenge for web design. On the technical side mobile is more difficult. It’s a big trend right now. Making things responsive is really important, there’s no other way around it. There are now many people who don’t even use a desktop computer. The United States is still ahead in mobile, but the rest of the world is catching up. I’m excited to help make the mobile experience better.

Kaizen Platform: What’s your favorite part of optimization? 

Alessandra Santos: My favorite part of optimization! I really like when you read the creative brief, it can always be something different. You work with the same clients and it’s interesting to see the changes over time and how they evolve to reach their goals. I like taking a messy page and organizing the ideas. You can show the results and you can say that the design increased sales. I also like the optimization challenges where you only change a little bit to try and make a big impact. In those cases you can’t rely on radical challenges.

Kaizen Platform: Thanks for sharing and taking the time to speak with us!

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