Take it from an Expert: How to Win at Social Media

There’s a reason 74 percent of online adults use social media. It’s fun! Part of what’s fun about social media is the way it so rapidly changes the way we communicate. One day you’re obsessed with posting photos to Facebook, the next you’re SnapChatting fleeting images to friends and forgetting that Facebook ever had “albums.”

Social Media Marketers can have fun with social media too, by treating it like a game, which in many ways, it is. Social media marketing is like an obstacle course meets three-legged race with guidelines to navigate, headlines to solve, and audiences to catch up with.

How does your social media marketing team stay ahead of the game? Let’s hear how social expert, Kim Randall, stays on top of trends and beats the odds on social media to rack up those wins.

Which social platform should marketers focus on in 2015?

“I think that everyone should have an active presence on all of the platforms that are popular today within their company niche. I see Twitter making a comeback this year and I’m attributing this partially to Facebook’s lack of organic views.”

Staying on top of the rise and fall of the many social media players is a critical move. In the past, Facebook was the MVP. But increasingly weak organic reach is going to bench it for many marketers, soon.

How do you decide if a new social platform is worth playing into?

“I test out new platforms first using my personal brand. It’s all about how often I find myself heading back because of content or engagement.”

Practice with your personal brand is a great way to see which game plays work. You can take greater risks where there isn’t a whole team counting on you to do your best.

“I also look at what the click-through rate (CTR) is like when sharing blog posts and web content. If there’s a highly engaged audience, I’m more likely to continue using that platform.”

Your dedicated fans are why you play the game. Find out where they’re most excited to be. Where are they painting their faces, wearing your colors, and screaming themselves hoarse from the sidelines? Be there.

Is it better to experiment with new platforms or perfect your approach to existing ones?

“You need to be both experimenting with new platforms, and perfecting your presence on existing platforms. Look at what happened to MySpace and what is happening to Facebook and the quality of organic results for businesses.”

Don’t be blindsided by new game plans. Study the players, no matter how rookie. You never know when you’ll see the next rising star.

Which social media platforms and/or marketing tactics should we eliminate from our game plans?

“Automation—auto-generated feeds, auto direct messages (DMs), and auto replies—are all things to ditch. No one is paying attention to them anymore. Anything that looks like spam should also be dropped. It’s time to be more social and stop pushing so much content. No one wants to follow a brand that won’t engage with them. It’s so easy to follow conversations.”

Social media is a team sport. Get out there and work together with your audience, your industry experts, even your competition. The more the merrier when it comes to conversing, engaging, and playing the field.

We hope this insight from Kim will help you and your social media team stay ahead of the game this year. Ultimately, “winning” at social media is about staying informed, taking risks, trying new things to stay ahead of the crowd, and having a little fun on the field. It’s a challenging game to keep up with, but with the right attitude and dedication, the reward can be big for your brand. We’ll be here in the bleachers, rooting for you!

Stay tuned for the next installment of “Take it from an Expert,” where the insight is honest and the wisdom is priceless.

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