How Target Inc, Uses Great Stories Attract Millennials

Stories have been around since the caveman era, and like generations prior Millennials can’t seem to resist a good one.

A recent study by NewsCred found that 62% of Millennials agree that brand-related content they view online makes them feel more connected to the showcased product.

Although there’s no shortage of varying opinions about Millennial behavior, when it comes to brand loyalty there’s strong evidence that they stick with brands that offer them relatable and sharable content that avoids a hard sell.

Let’s take a look at one brand that is doing a great job of connecting with Millennials: Target. Using stories that resonate with this connected generation, Target has revamped their marketing efforts into over the last two years to give Millennials more of what they want.

Target’s Approach to Content Marketing for Millennials

Target wasn’t always popular with this Internet-savvy generation. Traditionally, it has been the brand of choice for suburban moms, with a focus on convenience and affordability. As demographics and the way we shop has changed over the last few years, the retail giant needed a new approach to capture the interest of this increasing valuable consumer group.

Enter “The Bullseye View,” an online magazine launched in 2013 that offers a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world at Target. The publication has helped the superstore overcome a distaste for large enterprise corporations among millennials by providing content that seeks to establish honesty and transparency through engaging stories.

A recent article from the publication heralds the arrival of the spring season with a congenial informality that is more in the style of a wall post on Facebook than an editorial. “That sound you hear is the gleeful swoosh of backdoors everywhere flinging open to welcome rising temps. Say it with us: We survived the winter!” It goes on to share style expert Emily Henderson’s tips for outdoor decorating. It isn’t sales-oriented. The article provides useful information with a fun and friendly tone that appeals to everyone who is excited for Spring. Even people who don’t shop at Target could find this content useful.

When content resonates with consumers, they will likely find their way to your checkout page. Target’s variety of content through The Bullseye View—from tips on outdoor decorating, to “8 Wellness Brands Serve up Their Earth-Friendly Tips”—paves the path to a positive brand experience. These articles feature products, but in a way that values a connection to the reader first, and a sale second.

Target’s storytelling is bringing Millennials to the front door, while their revamped website and mobile experience opens the door to invite them in.

Target was admittedly slow to offer a comprehensive online shopping experience. But, recent optimizations to the Target website makes it easy to browse and shop their online store, with personalized product recommendations and a shopping list app that allows shoppers to plan before they go so they can easily find the products they’re looking for in-store.

Marketers can learn from Target’s focus on content when it comes to targeting Millennials. Appreciation for good stories can translate into brand loyalty, as Target has recently discovered, landing the #6 spot in Moosylvania’s recent study on favorite Millennial brands.

Tell a good story and then lead that customer from reading to purchasing; you could become a favorite of Millennials too.

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